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Preventing Early Release – Exercises for Boosting Male Staying Power

May 8, 2013

A woman’s body and a man’s body are, quite obviously, very different. As a result, much of the advice a woman gets during her doctor’s appointments just doesn’t apply to the average guy. But there are some things women are asked to do that men might consider for boosting male organ health and function. Kegel exercises, for example, have been recommended for women for decades, but few men know about the wonderful benefits these little squeezes can have on their vital organ.

Improving Health from the Bottom Up

Bands of muscle lie beneath the pelvic organs, and this little hammock keeps everything safely inside the body. Men with weak pelvic floor muscles may develop issues with the urine stream and have difficulty stemming the flow. As the muscles that control the bladder are also related to release, these men may also have problems controlling reproductive fluid – an issue which can result in early release.

Kegel exercises, or pelvic floor exercises, can help to firm up the muscles and turn the trickle of urine off at the source.  Gaining more mastery of these muscles may also mean lasting longer in bed. Performing a repetition of the Kegel technique during intimacy can also allow the male organ to touch parts of the Female tract that may have never been touched before; and many women are intensely grateful for the added attention a well-timed Kegel can bring.

How to Kegel Like a Master

For most men, identifying the pelvic floor muscle is the most difficult part of performing a proper Kegel exercise. Thankfully, spending a little quality time in the bathroom can help to clear up confusion. While there, men can start a urine stream and then attempt to stop the flow in the middle of the action, without tightening the muscles in the legs, back or rear end. The muscles used to stop the urine flow are located in the pelvic floor, and these are the fibers that need a targeted workout.

The exercises don’t have to be performed in the bathroom. In fact, most men find them easier to perform while they’re lying down. During each session, men should:

  • Tighten the pelvic floor muscles
  • Hold the squeeze while counting to five
  • Relax the muscles completely
  • Repeat 10 times

This set should be performed three times per day. It might seem daunting, as some men find it difficult to perform even one Kegel properly, but with practice, the motion can get easier. It’s also easy to do almost anywhere, and the squeezes can be a little addictive. No one can see the muscles flex, so people may not even know that the man they’re standing next to is, at this very moment, strengthening the muscles underneath his male organ. Some men take vicious glee in performing their intimate exercises during boring meetings or long training sessions. Their bodies might be at work, but their muscles are getting ready for pleasure.

Making the Most of Exercise

Kegels can provide excellent help and intense intimate benefits, but they should be only a part of a man’s male organ care routine. After all, strong muscles that support the male organ are only part of the tools a man needs to really enjoy intimate time. Soft and supple skin might be even more important than a strong pelvis, and healthy male skin is best obtained with the help of a male organ nutrient formula (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil). The vitamins these products contain can nourish starved skin, and the quick-penetrating action can deliver emollients right where they’re needed most. Applying a male organ health crème daily could help a man to ensure that his male organ is ready for the power strong pelvic floor muscles can deliver.


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